CP Pistons 2AZFE / Scion TC

CP Pistons 2AZFE / Scion TC

CP Pistons 1JZGTE

CP Pistons 1JZGTE

CP Pistons 2JZGTE

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CP Pistons for 2JZGTE Engines

Available in:

  • Bore: 86mm (STD) / Comp: 8.5:1 - Part#: SC7459
  • Bore: 86.5mm (+0.5mm) / Comp: 8.5:1 - Part#: SC7460
  • Bore: 87mm (+1mm) / Comp: 8.5:1 - Part#: SC7461
  • Bore: 87.5mm (+1.5mm) / Comp: 8.5:1 - Part#: SC7462
  • Bore: 86mm (STD) / Comp: 9.0:1 - Part#: SC7463
  • Bore: 86.5mm (+0.5mm) / Comp: 9.0:1 - Part#: SC7464
  • Bore: 87mm (+1mm) / Comp: 9.0:1 - Part#: SC7465
  • Bore: 87.5mm (+1.5mm) / Comp: 9.0:1 - Part#: SC7466
  • Bore: 86.5mm (+0.5mm)/ Comp 9.5:1- Part SC7467
  • Bore: 86mm (STD) / Comp: 10.0:1 - Part#: SC8472
  • Bore: 86.5mm (+0.5mm) / Comp: 10.0:1 - Part#: SC8473

STD bore size pistons are not recommended in a used bore for any performance engine unless the bores have done minimal work with minimal wear and the correct piston to bore clearance can be adhered to.

All piston manufacturers have a specific piston to bore clearance that they recommend. If STD bore pistons are requested and there is a piston to bore clearance issue we will not exchange or refund, due to the reasons given above.

CP Pistons standard features include:

  • 5310 gudgeon pins (9310 thicker wall thickness pins are available as an upgrade)
  • Deep valve reliefs accommodate high lift camshafts
  • Larger valve reliefs for +1mm valve sizes
  • Custom skirt cam and barrel design
  • Accumulator grooves
  • High strength aluminium forgings
  • High performance rings
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Wrist pins included
  • Double pin oilers force fed from oil ring groove
  • Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal
  • Pin fitting included

Note: We recommend Joe Gibbs Break in Oil for all new engines.

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Product NameCP Pistons 2JZGTE

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