Spool Conrods aren't cheap - all our competitors are just overpriced.

About Spool Conrods

Don't be a fool - Insist on Genuine SPOOL

Spool Conrods have been in production now since 2001 and have a large range of conrods available for the majority of High Performance Import vehicles on the market. If we don't have it listed we are probably in the process of getting it made.

All our conrods are stocked here in Brisbane Australia and we send items nationally and international usually within 24 hours of receiving your order. All items sent internationally are sent express air freight unless instructed otherwise.

Spool Conrods are one of the best priced and best quality conrods on the market. The finish, sizing and strength is exceptional, and in my opinion and many engine builders they are as good or better than other more expensive brands on the market.

Have a look at the Project Cars section of this website to see some of the incredible power that is being made with SPOOL Conrods.

Manufactured from a 2 piece chromemoly forging to ensure maximum strength and durability.

All SPOOL conrods come standard with ARP 2000 fasteners.

Spool Features

  • High tensile 4340 forged steel
  • 2 Piece forging
  • Hardness of HRC33-38
  • Dowelled cap for precision alignment
  • X-RAY Sonic tested
  • Quenching and heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • 100% Magnafluxed
  • Silicon bronze bushing


Lipped Cap and Lipped Cap Relief

When tension loads on connecting rods reach the higher limits of today's automotive engines we have witnessed an improvement in the big-end integrity by slightly increasing the contact area between the cap and the connecting rod itself. Spool's lipped - cap design achieves this goal with minimal additional weight. Because tension weight is a product of stroke, piston weight and rpm, this feature is great for very extreme applications.

Big End thrust Oil Squirters

These notches in the big end thrust faces allows pressure fed oil to squirt up to the piston and rod pin end for additional cooling and improvement lubrication. This option can be considered for engines without oil squirters.

Doweled Cap

The doweled caps locate the rod and rod cap precisely as one piece. It also allows the bolts to be positioned closer to the big end bore for improvement in big end stability.

After Market Forged steel

Attention to detail and better parent material are the main attractions offered by aftermarket forged steel rods. Though the forging process is much the same, aftermarket rods are typically made from high-carbon SAE steel such as 4340, 4140 and 4330 that is far superior to the low-carbon 51 series steel used in most OE-forged rods. The SAE certificate system quantifies the purity of the metal via microscopic examination that computers phosphorous and sulphur content, individual grain size, and other key indicators. By using SAE- certified material, makers (and users) of aftermarket forged rods can rest assured that hidden impurities are not lurking deep within the molecules to compromise strength.

Most aftermarket forged rods benefit from extra care during the critical machining operations. This alone can make or break a connecting rod....literally. The assumption that careful hands have assured closer tolerances and accuracy in the finished product is a valid one. Usually no heavier than stock rods, aftermarket forged rods already come equipped with premium fasteners and should be included in any street and strip engine assembly that will run in excess of 9000 rpm with stock stroke or 8,500 rpm with increased stroke. The prices keep tumbling, and more applications are available now than ever. there's no excuse not to step up.

HP Rating Of Connecting Rods

Spool is often questioned about general horsepower ratings for the various designs of its connecting rods. Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in simple terms. There are a complexity of variables such as inertia forces (a function of engine speed, crank train geometry and assembly weights) and cylinder firing pressure (tuning, fuel, boost, etc.) that can effect con rod durability and longevity

Through increased engine speed, displacement, firing pressure or a combination thereof, horsepower is gained. However, through the various changes in the cycle, the demand on the rods varies significantly. Furthermore, extreme dynamic loads on the drive train such as intermittently free spinning wheels or propellers (hill climb races, off shore boat races) should be considered when making the right choice of rod.