Warranty & Returns

Cancelled Orders

Orders can be cancelled anytime up until they are shipped. Where an order is cancelled through no fault of Spool Imports, the amount refunded will be less any PayPal, Zip or other payment fees incurred by Spool Imports

SPOOL Crankshafts and Connecting Rods come with a full workmanship & quality warranty.

Due to the nature of high performance engines & Motorsports applications we have no control with any of the variables involved in the assembly, tuning or operation of the engine. Variables that we cannot control include but not limited to: the tolerances used on assembly, qualifications of the assembler, tuning parameters used, boost levels, application of the part being suitable and RPM levels reached. In summary we have no control over the assembly or customer modification of our parts in your engine therefore we cannot give a warranty once installed.

All manufacturers of our aftermarket parts offer limited warranties and we will not be responsible for the on goings from there warranties.

"Motorsports" for the purposes of warranty is classified as any automobile activity that takes place off of a public highway, or on a public highway in a competitive environment. ALL Motorsports parts & services sold through Spool Imports are sold "AS IS" without any warranty whatsoever once installed. No claim is made as to merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of such parts is with the buyer. Once parts are installed following their purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer, distributor or retailer assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair.


SPOOL Short Motors come with a full workmanship, quality, start-up and run-in warranty. Warranty applies to any workmanship related issues concerning the short motor during the run in procedure as long as the run in procedure is adhered to. Workmanship warranty only applies if bolt on accessories i.e. cylinder head, manifolds, plenums, oil pump, balancer, timing components, sumps etc are installed by a qualified mechanic and installed correctly. The warranty does not apply once the engine is run in.

Oil control is imperative in any competition engine. Oil starvation will cause severe damage to this engine. Make sure oil control systems are installed on this engine that will sustain oil pressure and supply for the intended use such as an aftermarket high volume/pressure oil pump, large capacity sump with internal baffles / trap doors, cylinder head oil drain kit. The correct volume of oil for intended use is also crucial. Incorrect or inadequate oil control systems will cancel any applicable warranty issue.


Due to varying volumes between engine combustion chambers, head gasket volumes, cylinder block heights, compression heights, etc. All piston manufacturers listed / advertised compression ratios should be used as a guide only.

Actual calculated compression ratios may differ from listed / advertised compression ratios for the above reasons and variations.

To obtain an exact compression ratio, all specific measured specifications and volumes for the particular engine are required and custom pistons manufactured to suit.


All Spool products have been specifically designed for off road ie; race track, drag strip and non-highway/street application only. As the installation of this part may affect or impair your OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) vehicle’s emission control performance and may not meet the emissions standards of the local Government regulations. We do not recommend that you install performance parts in a vehicle used on any street or highway.

Additionally, you should check that the application does not adversely affect the any manufacturers warranty coverage if you choose to install on a street or highway vehicle.

Returns Policy and Pricing

If after inspecting the parts you are not totally satisfied with the quality and BEFORE installation, you can return the parts within 30 days in an unused condition and we will supply a refund ( minus, any restocking fee, PayPal fees and or freight fees if applicable ) . Our warranty and return policy does not apply once you or your mechanic have installed the part into the engine. Any modifications to any part before contacting SPOOL IMPORTS will void any warranty or return policy immediately.

Whilst every endeavor is made to ensure that parts supplied are correct as per the intended specifications, it is your responsibility to ensure they are checked, measured, weighed etc. to ensure you are happy to install them. We can not accept returns once a part has been installed

All short engines where a deposit is paid will remain the property of Spool Imports until paid in full. Full payment is due within 10 days of the engine arriving in stock, if not paid the deposit or a 10% surcharge (whichever is higher) will be kept and the items returned to stock for resale.

All custom orders must be emailed through and will require full payment up front, there is no refund or option to return custom parts unless there is a manufacturers claim on the quality. The customer is fully responsible if the specifications advised to Spool are incorrect.

A restocking surcharge of up to 20% will be charged for all returns (unless otherwise arranged or agreed upon)

Prices on our website may not always be current and may vary due to exchange rates,current stock levels, custom part surcharges, etc so please email for a firm quote.

STD Bore Pistons

Spool Imports does not generally keep any STD bore pistons in stock, we can order shelf stock and custom pistons in std bore if requested.

Std bore size pistons are not recommended in a used bore for any performance engine unless re-sleeving the block back to std bore size or using a new block.

All piston manufacturers have a specific piston to bore clearance that they recommend. When using a used std bore there is already wear in the bore, hence the manufacturers piston to bore clearance cannot generally be met due to the existing wear in the used bore, especially after honing the used bore. Excessive piston to bore clearance tends to cause early and excessive blow by issues.

Most piston manufactures recommend going to the first oversize and having the cylinder block bored to suit the new pistons with the recommended piston to bore clearance.

If STD bore pistons are requested and there is a piston to bore clearance issue we will not exchange or refund, due to the reasons given above.