Spool Ford 200 Conrods Ross Pistons suit 250 X Flow Block

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Spool Ford 200 CID length con rods and custom Ross flat top pistons to suit the 250 X flow block are now available.

These custom pistons are available in:

  • Bore size: +0.040" ( 3.72" )
  • Compression height: 1.17"
  • Pin size: 0.912"

Ross Racing Pistons are made from 2816 forged alloy, which is a much stronger and durable material than most of the other shelf stock pistons on the market which are made from 4032 material.

Spool Connecting Rods Feature:

  • ARP 2000 fasteners (L19 fasteners are available as an upgrade)
  • High tensile 4340 forged steel
  • 2 Piece forging
  • Hardness of HRC36-42
  • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
  • X-RAY & Sonic tested
  • Quenching and heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • 100% Magnafluxed
  • Weight Matched Sets +/- 1 gram
  • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities

Ross Racing Pistons:

All of Ross Racing Pistons (since 1985) have been forged from 2618 billet bar stock and have been heat treated and aged to a T61 condition (2618-T61). 2618-T61 is the material that is used when fatigue resistance and durability are of prime importance by all premium racing piston manufacturers.

Note: We recommend Joe Gibbs Break in Oil for all new engines.

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