Spool RB32 3.2L Stroker Kit with Custom CP Pistons

Spool RB32 3.2L Stroker Kit with Custom CP Pistons

Spool Ford Barra / XR6 Turbo / 4.0L DOHC - 3.7L 90mm De-stroke Kit

Spool Ford Barra / XR6 Turbo / 4.0L DOHC - 3.7L 90mm De-stroke Kit

Spool RB30 - RB34 3.4L Stroker Kit with Custom CP Pistons

We carry a limited range of pistons for this kit in stock. If we don't have your exact requirements it will take 6-8 weeks to have pistons made.

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SPL-RB34-Strokerkit - CP

SPOOL RB34 94mm 3.4L Stroker Kit

World's biggest capacity off the shelf RB30 Stroker Kit: RB34 Stroker Crank to Suit Nissan Skyline RB30 and Holden RB30 VL Commodore engines.

CP Pistons available for RB30 (RB26 or RB25 Twin Cam cylinder head conversions) and SOHC cylinder heads. Any bore size or compression ratio available.

Note: The std OEM crank girdle can be used with the RB34 crank setup. The girdle may require minimal clearancing.

RB34 Stroker Kit Includes:

  • Spool Billet 4340 full counter weight 94mm Stroker Crankshaft
  • Spool H 3/8 ARP-2000 Bolts (ARP L19 Bolts and Custom Age +625 available as an upgrade) or I Beam Forged Connecting Rods with 3/8 ARP L19 Bolts (Custom Age +625 available as an upgrade)
  • CP Custom Pistons (rings, pins and locks included)
  • 9310 0.200" Gudgeon Pins standard (5mm wall thickness) (0.250" Pins available as an upgrade)

If you're planning to stroke your RB30 you have come to the right place. SPOOL offers the worlds biggest off the shelf RB30 stroker kit. The kit includes a 94mm full counter weight Billet 4340 Nitrited crankshaft with long oil pump drive, I beam connecting rods and CP forged pistons and rings.

As you can see from the table below. The RB34 has a very similar rod/stroke ratio as the Nissan CA18 and Toyota 2JZ both of which love to rev and have been around a long long time.

Engine Rod Length(mm) Stroke(mm) Rod/Stroke Ratio
SR20 Stroker 136.3 91 1.50
2JZ 3.4 142 94 1.51
CA18 Stroker 133 87.6 1.52
LS Stroker 155.57 101.6 1.53
BA 153.92 99.31 1.55
EL/EF 149.35 96.31 1.55
3RZ 147 95 1.55
RB28 121.5 77.7 1.56
SR20 136.3 86 1.58
CA18 133 83.6 1.59
RB34 152.5 94 1.62
2JZ 142 86 1.65
RB26 121.5 73.7 1.65
RB32 152.5 91 1.68
1JZ 125.25 71.5 1.75
RB30 152.5 85 1.79

Like all SPOOL cranks, this is a true billet crank machined from forged 4340 bar stock.

All components, crank, connecting rods and pistons are balanced.

With the increased cubic capacity from the 94mm stroker crank, increases of up to 50% in torque and low to mid range power are achievable. Boost will come on earlier in the rev range and peak power will increase.

CP pistons come with rings, pins and lock. The gudgeon pins are upgraded to 9310 hardened alloy steel with 5mm wall thickness.

We have customers making over 1000 hp with our billet crankshafts

Note: Clearancing of the cylinder block is sometimes required.

More Information
Product NameSpool RB30 - RB34 3.4L Stroker Kit with Custom CP Pistons
EngineRB30DET (DOHC), RB30ET (SOHC), RB34 Stroker
MakeHolden, Nissan

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