Haltech Nexus R5 VCU

Haltech Nexus R5 VCU

Haltech Elite 1500 ECU

Haltech Elite 1500 ECU

Haltech Nexus R3 VCU


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• A data logger
• A power distribution module
• A wideband controller
• A high speed wi-fi communications module
• A new generation engine management system


All natively interconnected with each other.
All programmable with one single piece of software.


Ignition 8
Injector (peak and hold) 8
Digital Pulsed Outputs (DPO) 6
Power for Ignition Switch 1
8A Outputs 6
25A High Current Outputs (25A HCO) 4

Analog Voltage Inputs (AVI) 11
Differential Engine Position Inputs 2 (Trigger and Home)
Synchronised Pulsed Inputs (SPI) 6
Knock Inputs 2
On-board Wideband Controller (NTK/LSU 4.9) 1
Ignition Switch Input 1

CAN Bus Networks 1000, 500 or 250 kbit/s 2
High Speed USB 2.0 (USB-C interface) 1
On-board Wi-Fi YES

Onboard Data Logging 128MB
Inertial Measurement Sensor Onboard, 6 Axis
Oscilloscope 4 Channel
5V Sensor Supply 1
8V Sensor Supply 1
Sensor Ground 1

Drive-By-Wire Throttle Support 2
Flex Fuel YES
Closed Loop O2 Control Dual Bank
Knock Control Dual
Variable Cam Control Up to 4
Long Term Learning Up to 4D
Data Logging Laptop + Onboard
Anti-Lag Rotational Idle YES
Launch Control YES
Traction Control YES
Tuning Table Resolution 32 x 32 x 8 4D
Engine Protection Multi Level
CAN Networks 2
Nitrous Control 6 Stages
Boost Control 4D Closed Loop
Intake Air Bleed Control YES
Flat Shift Control Open/Closed Loop
Shock Travel & Ride Height YES
Trans Brake YES
Race Timer YES
Driveshaft and Engine RPM Targetting YES


  Nexus R5 Nexus R3
Ignition Outputs 12 8
Injector Ouputs 18 8
Digital Pulsed Outputs 8 6
Half Bridge Outputs 4 (2 x H-Bridge/DBW) 4 (2 x H-Bridge/DBW)
8A High Current Outputs 12 2
25A High Current Outputs 4 4
Analog Voltage Inputs 23 11
Synchronised Pulsed Inputs 10 6
Knock Inputs 2 2
On-Board Wideband Controller Dual Single
On-Board Data Logging 512mb


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