ATHENA Racing Cut Ring Nissan TB48 Head gasket

ATHENA Racing Cut Ring Nissan TB48 Head gasket

Carrillo Alloy Nissan RB30 Conrods - Special

Carrillo Alloy Nissan RB30 Conrods - Special

Spool Holden / Nissan RB30 X300 Extreme 300M Conrods with ARP L19 7/16 Bolts

These are to suit all RB30 SOHC and RB30 with either RB25 or RB26 cylinder head and are rated at 2,000hp+
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All Spool X300 Expreme 300M Conrods come standard with 7/16 ARP L19 Fasteners

Introducing the Spool X300, a new extreme 300M conrod that builds on the Drag Pro legacy to provide superior strength and endurance.

Made from 300M material and equipped with 7/16” ARP L19 bolts, these new conrods are designed for 2000hp and beyond.

Spool X300 I-Beam connecting rods are the ultimate high strength direct fit conrod for all Nissan RB30 engines.

Weight: 661g (with bolts)

New features:

  • Upgraded ARP2 L19 7/16 bolts
  • Increased strength to the beam
  • Increased strength around the fasteners / bolts
  • Increased strength around the gudgeon pin

These conrods are designed to handle the most extreme punishment from the angriest RB engines.

There is no machining of any sort required. They suit RB30 NA, RB30 Turbo and RB30 engines with RB25 or RB26 heads fitted.

These conrods feature:

  • High tensile 300M forged steel
  • 2 Piece forging
  • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
  • X-RAY & Sonic tested
  • Quenching and heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • 100% Magnafluxed
  • Weight Matched Sets + - 1 gram
  • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities.
  • Side oil squirters

No bearings are included.

More Information
Product NameSpool Holden / Nissan RB30 X300 Extreme 300M Conrods with ARP L19 7/16 Bolts
EngineRB30, RB30DET (DOHC), RB30ET (SOHC)
MakeHolden, Nissan

About Spool Conrods

All our conrods are stocked here in Brisbane Australia and we send items nationally and international usually within 24 hours of ordering.

Spool Conrods are tried and proven high performance forged steel connecting rods for tuff Street & Strip engine application.

They are made from a two piece chrome moly steel forging to ensure maximum strength and durability AND come standard with ARP 2000 Fasteners.

Forged Steel rods begin their life as bars of 4340 Steel (high carbon which is far superior to the low carbon 51 series steel used in most OEM forged rods) that pass through a rolling forge die. This process compacts the molecular structure and establishes a uniform, longitudinal grain flow. The bars are then heated to a plasticised state, inserted into a female die and pressed into the near final shape while a punch locates and knocks out the big end bore.

In doing this the grain flow at the big end is redirected in a circular pattern, like wood fibers surrounding a knot, and excellent compressive / tensile strength results. Finally the rod is put through CNC machining and finished to the final specification.

View Full Spool Conrod Specifications

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