Warren's 3.4L Stroker is a ripper

Car of the month-Warren's 3.4L Stroker Engine

Spool 3.4L Stroker Kit

Warren is putting this thing of beauty into a series 3 R33 GTR. The engine was built by Dahtone Racing in Smithfield NSW and heading to Dyno soon

What's inside?

  • Spool Billet 4340 full counter weight 94mm Stroker Crankshaft
  • Spool RB30 I Beam Conrods with L19 Bolts
  • Spool CP Custom RB34 Pistons with upgraded .250" pins
  • See our stroker kit price HERE
  • Kelford 274/280 10.5lift Camshafts
  • ARP625 Head Studs
  • 6boost T4 twin scroll, twin gate exhaust manifold
  • Block is half grout filled, fire ringed, copper gasket Billet caps and steel girdle
  • Borg Warner Performance Aftermarket EFR9174 Turbo
  • Hypertune intake plenum
  • Rams full CNC'd Race head
  • Built by Dahtone Racing

Spool 3.4L Stroker Kit