Brent Davis' 1987 6.0L VL Commodore

The results speak for themselves 1150rwhp @ 24 psi

This engine was machined and assembled by Trapnell Engines, Tuned by Justin Simpson at Horse Power Solutions and photos by Will Baker from WB Images. And it's running Spool H beams and a Spool Crankshaft.

The specs:

  • Engine 6.0L iron block LS
  • Spool H Beam Conrods
  • Spool STD Stroke Crankshaft
  • Stock cathedral port HSV manifold
  • Heads are stock Cathedral port GM 243 with a mild port around the guides
  • Brian Tooley valve springs and standard valves
  • Comp Camshaft 239/243
  • Morell ti bar lifter
  • JE pistons
  • Moroso Oil pump
  • Ecu haltech elite 2500
  • Leash boost controller
  • Garrett gtx50
  • Injectors sonic 2200cc
  • Three intake Walbro 460
  • Stock LS2 coil packs under the dash
  • Convertor dump and line dump
  • Convertor was built by James horan at full race convertors 2800rpm
  • 9 inch Harrop centre, 35 spline axles

The exhaust is the GM cast hooker headers reverse t6 flange with a 5 inch dump into straight through 4inch with one 4" muffler

Transmission is stock GM case two speed powerglide with built billet internals.

It's just a co-inki-dink that he's got our name on his number plates lol