Spool RB26 - RB28 2.8 L Stroker Kit

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Nissan RB25/26 2.8 Litre Stroker Kit:

  • SPOOL Billet 4340 full counter weight 77.7mm Stroker Crankshaft
  • SPOOL Drag Pro I beam Forged Conrods with 7/16 ARP2000 Bolts
  • CP Custom Pistons
  • 9310 Gudgeon Pins (4.5mm wall thickness)

Nissan RB25/26 77.7mm Billet 4340 Stroker Crankshaft - Rated at 1000HP plus / 10,000rpm

Full billet 4340 Nitrided and Balanced Crankshaft

Note: The standard RB26 capacity is 2568cc

Using the 77.7mm stroker crank, std length conrods and custom pistons, the displacement is increased as follows:

  • 86.5mm bore and the 77.7mm stroker crank = 2740cc / 172cc increase
  • 87mm bore and the 77.7mm stroker crank = 2771cc / 203cc increase

With the increased cubic capacity from the 77.7mm stroker crank, big increases in torque and low to mid range power are achievable. Boost will come on earlier in the rev range and peak power will increase.

CP pistons come with rings, pins and locks. The gudgeon pins are upgraded to 9310 hardened alloy steel with 4.5mm wall thickness.

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