Spool Ford Coyote 5.0L H Beam Conrods & Ross Racing Pistons

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Spool Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 H Beam Conrods and Ross Racing Pistons

Pistons available in:

  • Bore Size: 3.632” | Comp: 9.0:1 | -11.75cc dish | C.H 1.167”
  • Bore Size: 3.640” | Comp: 9.0:1 | -11.75cc dish | C.H 1.167”
  • Bore Size: 3.632” | Comp: 10.0:1 | -3.25cc dish | C.H 1.167”
  • Bore Size: 3.640” | Comp: 10.0:1 | -3.25cc dish | C.H 1.167”
  • Bore Size: 3.632” | Comp: 11.0:1 | +4.00cc dish | C.H 1.167”
  • Bore Size: 3.640” | Comp: 11.0:1 | +4.00cc dish | C.H 1.167”

Spool Connecting Rods Feature:

  • ARP 2000 fasteners (L19 fasteners are available as an upgrade)
  • High tensile 4340 forged steel
  • 2 Piece forging
  • Hardness of HRC36-42
  • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
  • X-RAY & Sonic tested
  • Quenching and heat treated
  • Shot peened
  • 100% Magnafluxed
  • Weight Matched Sets +/- 1 gram
  • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities

Ross Racing Pistons:

All Ross Racing Pistons (since 1985) have been forged from 2618 billet bar stock and have been heat treated and aged to a T61 condition (2618-T61). 2618-T61 is the material that is used when fatigue resistance and durability are of prime importance by all premium racing piston manufacturers.

This material has less than 1% silicon particulate content. High silicon content pistons (forged from 4032 or MS75) will not stand up to the most extreme stress placed on many racing pistons. If a crack starts to form in a high silicon piston it will continue until the piston experiences a catastrophic failure. Simply stated, adding sand to the aluminum only makes it more brittle. In the rare instance of a 2618-T61 piston cracking, the crack will continue to an area where the stress is not as great and will then stop. Another advantage of 2618-T61 over the high silicon pistons is the ability to keep its shape under extreme pressure and high RPM's. "Skirt Shrinking" is not a problem with Ross Racing Pistons.

Note: We recommend Joe Gibbs Break in Oil for all new engines.

More Information
Product Name Spool Ford Coyote 5.0L H Beam Conrods & Ross Racing Pistons
Engine Ford Coyote 5.0L V8
Make Ford

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