Spool Mitsubishi 4G63 Stroker Crankshaft - 100mm

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Mitsubishi 4G63 100mm Billet 4340 Stroker Crankshaft - Rated at 1000HP plus / 10,000 rpm

This is a true billet crankshaft machined from Billet 4340 core stock (not a cast forging blank that is final machined).

Each crank is machined from core stock 4340 on a CNC machine, then Nitrided and final ground.

Rated at 1000HP plus

With the increased cubic capacity from the 100mm stroker crank, increases of up to 50% in torque and low to mid range power are achievable. Boost will come on earlier in the rev range and peak power will increase.

Full Billet 4340 - Nitrided, Balanced and Full Counter Weight Crankshaft

The 4G63 engine in its factory form has a 85mm bore and 88mm stroke, giving a displacement of 1997cc.

Using the 100 mm stroker crank, std length conrods and custom pistons, the displacement is increased as follows:

  • 85.5mm bore and the 100mm stroker crank = 2297cc / 300cc increase
  • 86 mm bore and the 100 mm stroker crank = 2324cc / 327cc increase

Note: If conrod to block interference occurs, slight clearancing maybe required.

  • Crank Weighs 16kg
  • 4340 Grade Billet Steel
  • Fully Counter Weighted
  • Nitrided Finish
  • Fully Balanced
  • Stroke 100mm
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Product Name Spool Mitsubishi 4G63 Stroker Crankshaft - 100mm
Engine 4G63

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