RB34DET Results

RB34DET 'vs' RB30DET

The RB30DET boost and power curve is in green and the RB34DET is in red.

A comparison between the old RB30DET engine and the new RB34DET stroker engine is complete. The two engines are identical in every way except for the new 95mm stroker crank set up. The purpose of building two near identical engines was the only real way to make a true comparison between a RB30/25 and a RB34/25. The identical set ups consisted of the same ( turbo, boost, cams, cam timing, plenum, exhaust, exhaust manifold etc etc ).

We arent trying to make the most power or we wouldnt be using pump fuel and a medium frame old school T04Z, we are making a comparison.

The results speak for themselves:
  • boost is coming on earlier
  • power is coming on earlier and much stronger in the low to mid range
  • more peak power on the same boost
  • huge increase in low to mid range torque

The RB34 is making near on 150 rwhp more at 4000 rpm compared to the RB30 at the same rpm.

At 4000 rpm the RB34 is making near on 60% increases in torque.

More peak power would be achievable using this setup if bigger valves and cams were used. We believe that the head is struggling to flow the extra volume from the increased stroke ( capacity ) at high rpm.

Obviously a bigger turbo, better head set up, and race fuel would achieve some massive increases across the board. This will be the next engine project built.

We are extremely happy with the results from this comparison and it shows beyond doubt the big increases obtained using the stroker setup.

For all the info on how to build the RB34 - click on the link below.

"How to Build an RB34"

SPOOL RB34 Kit - 9000RPM - 83mm Precision Turbo - 1070AWHP - 34PSI

SPOOL RB34 Kit - 8200RPM - Garret T04Z - 610RWHP - 23PSI