How To Build an RB34


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  • RB30 Block - Bored 40thou
  • CP Forged Custom Pistons
  • Decked
  • SPOOL Billet Main Caps and Girdle
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • ARP Head Studs and Mains Studs
  • SPOOL 95mm Stroker Crank
  • SPOOL I Beam Custom Conrods - L19 Bolts
  • ACL Race Series Bearings
  • Nitto Oil Pump
  • R34 NEO head - HKS 272 / 9.35 cams, Performance Valve Springs, ported and polished by JHH performance.
  • Garrett T04Z Turbo 0.96 ex housing
  • Sard 850cc Injectors
  • 6 Boost Manifold - HKS 60mm Wastegate
  • GReddy Plenum - VH45 90mm throttle body
  • OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
  • 3 x 044 Bosch Fuel Pumps
  • 3.5 inch dump, exhaust and catalytic convertor


NOTE: The std OEM crank girdle can be used with the RB34 crank setup. The girdle may require minimal clearancing.

Block Preparation

Due to the huge stroke, the block needs clearance to allow the conrods to rotate without fouling on the cylinder block. Leaving 50 thou of clearance allows for stretch at high rpm.

The bottom of each bore has to be clearanced to give that little bit extra room for the I beam conrods.

Annular groove is cut into each main bearing seat to allow for better oil distribution using the multi hole GTR ( RB26 ) main bearings.

GTR main bearing smeared with assembly lube - notice the 4 extra holes ( with the recessed groove ) in the GTR bearings compared to just the one hole in the RB30 main bearings.

Block threads are cleaned using a tap - this ensures all threads are clean and free from damage and corrosion.

Oil restrictors are fitted to the block to prevent over oiling - a common problem with RB engines.

Inside main tunnel is measured with bearings fitted to check bearing to crank main clearance.

Crankshaft main journal is measured to ascertain bearing clearance.

Fitting ARP main studs.

Installing Billet main caps.

Fitting the main cap girdle that interlocks the block and main caps.

Installing ARP head studs.

Cometic headgasket fitted and waiting for head.

SPOOL Oil Drain - This allows rapid oil return to the sump and helps reduce over oiling of the cylinder head.

Photo 19

6 Boost manifold and GReddy Plenum fitted

Finally - installed in car