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Welcome to Spool Imports!



Our new shopping cart is up and running. Most products can now be purchased straight through the shopping cart with payment made via paypal.

Spool Imports specialise in High Performance Import engine parts as well as the more popular Australian performance engines. We have been in business for over 7 years and have the largest range in Australia of:

  • SPOOL Forged H and I Beam Con Rods
  • SPOOL Billet Crankshafts
  • CP Forged Pistons
  • Ross Racing Forged Pistons

We also stock a large range of:

  • ACL race series bearings
  • Cometic gaskets and full gasket sets
  • Timing components
  • ARP main and head studs
  • ARP con rod fasteners
  • CP / Ross ring sets, cir clips, gudgeon pins and upgraded pins.

If your requiring custom pistons or con rods we can help.

All our performance parts are stocked here in Brisbane Australia and we send items nationally and international usually within 24 hours of receiving your order.

We keep our prices low by cutting out the middle man. When you purchase from us, you are purchasing direct from the importer.

SPOOL IMPORTS is here to help you in any way we can and can be contacted on 0402351688 with in business hours, via email or the contact form on this website. Just go to "Contact us" at the top of this page.


Visit our " Project Cars" page for more real world results CLICK HERE

SPOOL Connecting Rods and Cranks = Quality, Strength and Real World Results 

Here are a few examples:

Congratulations to Aaron and Garage 101 in Perth for taking out Powercruise Off Street Drags again. That's 2 years in a row and 100% undefeated at this event.

Spool RB34 powered R32  - See the Project Car Section for more info 

White Trash 3.2L 2JZ Spool Stroker powered GTR. Powerglide transmission, 1250 AWHP at 40 psi.

First test run outing with new setup.

Pro GTR Motorsport Pty Ltd - RB34 with Spool 94mm cranks makes 1600 plus bhp at 8200rpm

Top RPM 2JZ powered Celica runs a 6.36 @ 218 mph with Spool 94mm Crank, and a lot of boost

Tony Bellert Race Engines ( TBRE Performance ) built Ford 4.0 Litre with Spool Billet Crank

TBRE Performance Ph 0407747291

Mitch's 824 rwhp Nissan R34 Skyline with Spool RB34 stroker kit. RB26 head, Precision 6466 turbo, Haltech ECU, United E85.
Built and tuned by Mitch

JW Automotive - Full bodied R34 GTR - Spool 91mm billet crank

James Horan 1uz ttv8 
26/4/14 1/8 mile final pass win
In car footage
ET 4.93@152mph 


R33 Skyline 680 RWHP RB34 Circuit race car at Queensland Raceway

Spool RB32 powered White Trash GTR runs 8.15

Matt Webber runs a 10.1 in his 750 rwhp FG XR6 daily driver.



Graham Harrison and the Turbowerx Automotive crew were out at this weekend's Winternational Warm Ups at Willowbank Raceway, trying to license the car in time for the event next weekend. The car is a full chassis Pontiac Firebird powered by a LSX turbo v8 and running through a 2 speed powerglide automatic gearbox. After the mandatory burnout, launch and half track passes, the car powered through for a first full pass of 7.52 @ 182 and gathered some good data from the day. The team will be out again once more before next weekend's Winternationals.

Click here for car pics Click Here

White Trash GTR runs 8.21@170mph at its first race meet of the season.

see the full video here - click here

Worlds fastest street driven 1JZ - 8.77 @ 157mph

Turbowerx dyno day - highest horse power - 1142 rwhp

Goran's street registered 850rwhp VL with SPOOL Billet 4 inch crank and H beam con rods runs a 8.61@155mph

Australia's fastest non full chassis VL Commodore uses SPOOL H beam connecting rods with L19 ARP bolts !!

12/1/13 - Graham runs another PB of 7.638 @ 179mph in his 1150 rwhp 4.0 Litre powered VL




Graham Harrison runs a PB of 7.70 @ 173mph in his 4.0 Litre powered VL


Goran's 830 rwhp turbocharged LS powered VL runs a 8.8@155mph on its first outing with the new SPOOL 4 inch stroker crank and H beam rods.


1200 RWHP 6 Litre LS, GT47, E85, SPOOL I Beam 6.125" Rods, STD crank, CP pistons.


Matt's, FG runs a 10.67 @132 mph



Turbowerx runs a 7.8@173mph


Turbowerx 1000 rwhp 4.0L Ford powered VL runs 7.99 - Hitting limiter 3/4 track so new diff gears are being installed

Grahams 1000 plus RWHP RB30/26

 Samuel Yngvesson's totally insane GTR



David McLeish's Toyota 2jz Supra uses SPOOL H Beam Connecting Rods. David's Supra did a personal best record ( 1030 rwhp ) and took out the title of 6cyl class at Sydney's Powercruise 2012





SPOOL RB34 Kit - 9000RPM - 83mm Precision Turbo - 1070AWHP - 34PSI


SPOOL Connecting Rods are used in Australia’s fastest “4 Cylinder Untubbed RWD STREET“ car – 8.744 sec ¼ @ 152.83 mph

Australia's fastest XR6 Turbo Ute - 9.74 sec 1/4 @ 142 mph


SPOOL Connecting Rods are used in Turbowerx 990 rwhp, 36 psi boost - 8.2 sec ¼ @ 158 mph Barra powered VL

Spool Imports


These are real world results - Where else can you buy a set of premium con rods that are capable of withstanding  40 psi / 1200 hp / 10000 rpm for such a low price.

Rated at 1200 horsepower plus – 10000 RPM